Amit Aggarwal lehenga who wore it better Janhvi Kapoor or Radhika Madan ?


With their vast wardrobe choices, celebrities occasionally find themselves wearing similar outfits, inviting comparisons on who wore it better. One such incident offered when two Bollywood celebrities wore Amit Aggarwal-designed lehenga.

Recently, when Radhika Madan made waves on social media with her stunning pink lehenga. Eagle-eyed users couldn’t help but notice that Janhvi Kapoor had previously worn the exact same lehenga in a different shade.

Both actresses donned a glittery lehenga ensemble designed by the renowned Amit Aggarwal.
While both divas looked glamorous, their distinct styling choices stood out. Let’s delve into their looks and decipher the finer details.

Madan's Neon Pink Splendor Amit Aggarwal Lehenga

Radiant in neon pink, Radhika Madan’s lehenga combined classic design elements with contemporary embellishments.

Her ensemble featured a strappy blouse with a plunging neckline, beautifully complementing the flared lehenga skirt.

Adding to the allure, a structured dupatta was intricately attached, elevating the overall glam factor.

For accessories, she opted for a traditional Indian choker necklace and matching earrings, infusing an ethnic touch to her outfit.

With her hair styled in a messy bun, Radhika chose pink-toned makeup to complete the look.

Sharing pictures on Instagram, she captioned her post as “Flamingo-ing,” a clever wordplay related to her latest web series, Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo.

This look is a splendid choice for anyone attending a wedding, particularly a bridesmaid seeking elegance.

Janhvi Kapoor's Striking Orange Amit Aggarwal Lehenga

Earlier, Janhvi Kapoor had sported the same lehenga by Amit Aggarwal in a vibrant shade of orange.

The structured lehenga boasted a plunging neckline, curved hem, fitted silhouette, and a flared skirt.

However, Janhvi took a different styling route compared to Radhika. She opted for a strapless embellished bralette with shimmery sequin embroidery and keyhole detailing.

Additionally, Janhvi draped her dupatta over one shoulder, imparting a sari-like vibe. Unlike Radhika, Janhvi decided to forgo accessories, allowing her outfit to make a bold statement.

Her makeup featured coral shades, harmoniously matching her ensemble, while her hair was elegantly styled in a sleek ponytail.

Decoding the Distinct Looks

While Radhika Madan exuded traditional elegance, Janhvi Kapoor showcased a contemporary avatar with a touch of sensuality.

Radhika’s ensemble captured the essence of timeless beauty, reflecting a graceful and refined demeanor.

On the other hand, Janhvi’s styling embraced a modern edge, exuding allure and sophistication.

Both actresses carried their respective looks with confidence and panache, leaving fashion enthusiasts divided over their preferences.

The Ultimate Verdict

In the battle of style, it’s subjective as to which celebrity’s look resonates more with individual tastes. Radhika Madan’s choice evokes the charm of tradition, while Janhvi Kapoor’s ensemble oozes contemporary appeal.

Ultimately, the verdict lies with each discerning fashion enthusiast to decide who wore the Amit Aggarwal structured lehenga better.

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