Nitesh Tiwari Upcoming Movie Take Creative Liberty

nitesh tiwari upcoming movie

The much-anticipated trailer of Nitesh Tiwari upcoming movie, Bawaal, is now out. The film features Varun Dhawan and Jhanvi Kapoor in the lead roles. 

The trailer hinted that certain parts of the film were set in an imaginative sequence during World War 2. Varun portrays the role of a history teacher in the movie. Takes Jhanvi Kapoor on a trip to Europe, where they visit sites related to the Second World War.

However, visuals depicting the Holocaust garnered some adverse reactions online from the viewer. In a recent interview, Tiwari shed light on his decision to choose World War 2 for his film.

Nitesh Tiwari Upcoming Movie: Opting for Freshness

When questioned about his choice of World War 2 over India’s historical conflicts. Tiwari revealed that he wanted to present something fresh to the audience.

He acknowledged that it would have been easy to incorporate an Indian war into the narrative. Where the history teacher educates students about a significant event from India’s past.

He expressed his desire to bring a sense of freshness to storytelling. He explained that many prominent directors had already covered the Indian Wars.

Which left him uncertain about his ability to bring anything new to the subject. Thus, the decision to delve into World War 2 offered a fresh perspective. Which, according to him, would resonate with the audience.

Nitesh Tiwari Upcoming Movie: A Fresh Take on World War 2

Nitesh Tiwari defended his depiction of World War 2 in Bawaal. He said that this offers something fresh for the audience. While Indian cinema has already covered wars like Indo-Pak, Indo-China, and the Kargil. Tiwari aimed to present a different facet that would captivate viewers. He acknowledged the impressive work done by other filmmakers in portraying historical battles. He expressed his desire to bring a unique perspective to the screen.

The Removal of Jallianwala Bagh Reference

Tiwari included a reference to the Jallianwala Bagh massacre earlier. But, after the release of Sardar Udham, which also explored this tragic event. Tiwari felt that the reference no longer remained fresh. Thus, he creatively removed the connection from the script. Ensuring that his storytelling maintained a sense of novelty.

Nitesh Tiwari's Choice: Freshness and Innovation

Nitesh Tiwari’s decision to focus on WWII in place of Indian historical conflicts. Showcases how he wants to offer something fresh to the audience. He recognizes the remarkable work done by renowned Indian filmmakers in portraying these wars. Thus Nitesh wanted to explore a different narrative territory. By doing so, he aimed to captivate viewers with a unique take on WWII. While ensuring that his storytelling remained innovative and distinct.

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