Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 7 Box Office Debut in India

mission impossible 7 box office

The awaited action-packed movie Mission: Impossible kicked off with a bang on Wednesday. At the same time, the excitement continued to build throughout the weekend. Sacnilk reported mission impossible 7 box office collection of Rs 9.28 crore for the film in India.

Mission Impossible 7 box office Setting Records

Globally, the movie has already crossed a milestone, surpassing $63 million in earnings. In India, it stands tall with net earnings of Rs 30.58 crore. This debut made it the best film in India’s Mission Impossible series. Overtaking the previous record-holder, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which grossed Rs 80 crore during its run in 2018.

Mission Impossible 7 box office Weekend Collection

Industry experts predict a continued surge in box office collections over the weekend. Sacnilk forecasts a potential net collection of Rs 60 crore for the film during weekends

Tom Cruise's Enduring Impact on India

Tom Cruise’s immense popularity in India has proven to be a game-changer for the film’s success. His gesture of speaking Hindi during the film’s promotions delighted his Indian fans. Which solidified his star power in the country.

Mission Impossible 7 box office Mixed Reviews

While Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One has garnered attention. Still, the movie has mixed experiences from the viewers. Shalini Langar from The Indian Express awarded the film a 2.5-star rating. But he praised Cruise’s enduring fitness and agile action sequences. The train finale and the thrilling car chase are a few commendable action sequences in the film. These action sequences are heart-pounding and fill the viewer with excitement.

The Unstoppable Success of Mission: Impossible

Despite varying reviews, the movie has already crossed an indelible mark. Reasserting Tom Cruise’s iconic status among audiences worldwide.

The heart-stopping stunts and Tom Cruise’s magnetic presence made the film a masterpiece. The film is well on its way to becoming an unforgettable cinematic experience, particularly for action enthusiasts and moviegoers.

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